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SADAC Workshops

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About the sessions

We have been working towards establishing a network of artists practicing South Asian Dance forms and aid them with professional workshops and peer to peer sessions with exclusive professional tools that work towards building a brand and an outlook for artists in Canada. Currently touring across Canada, we have specially curated unique sessions in your cities that will aid your holistic development journey as a professional artist.

The day is split into 3 major sessions- A workshop on 'Grant writing & fundraising for artists' by Rohit Mehta, DoGood Fundraising Solutions, an interactive session on 'Digital Marketing for Dance- Building a Marketing Mindset for Artists' by Aishwarya Jayaraman, ArtSpire and a networking session titled 'Life in the Arts'.

Meet Your Workshop Leaders

Grant Writing & Fundraising for Artists

Facilitated by Rohit Mehta, DoGood Fundraising Solutions

Arts based grants are an integral source of professional growth and development for artists in Canada. In this evolving and competitive field, the availability of grants has also increased periodically and can seem daunting to even approach as the landscape has much to offer. Artists and Arts Organizations find themselves spending a lot of time researching grants and fundraising initiatives in order to pursue their craft. Artists are often questioning how to improve their pitch, how to go about writing a grant, how to budget, compile the best support material, etc. This workshop session will help artists with a broader understanding of the nonprofit sector and how to go about finding the right public and private grants to match your project. 

Digital Marketing for Dance- Building a Marketing Mindset for Artists

Facilitated by Aishwarya Jayaraman, ArtSpire

In today's world, social media has become an indispensable tool for artists to connect with their audiences, build their brand, and promote their work.


It is important to understand yourself as an artist and what makes you unique. Knowing your unique qualities will help you develop a clear brand identity and message that resonates with your audience. Understanding your audience is equally important. By analyzing your audience's behavior and preferences, you can tailor your content and messaging to better meet their needs and expectations.


This workshop takes you through the method to help you can create a strong brand identity and messaging strategy that resonates with your fans and helps you reach new audiences.

A University of Toronto graduate, Rohit has been active in the non-profit sector for 18 years. With his varied expertise and experience in the industry, Rohit is currently the founder and Principal Consultant of DoGood Fundraising solutions.

The Company aims to level the playing field for non-profits in Ontario by providing a platform for organizations to share their work with the community by capturing their ideas and developing high quality proposals to funders, corporations and foundations.

Artspire is an Arts Management Consultancy based in India and Canada that works towards providing a holistic growth opportunity to artists practicing South Asian Art forms.

Aishwarya is based in Toronto, Canada and leads a diverse portfolio of clients developing organisational and marketing strategies for artists and arts institutions, branding strategies along with goal and opportunity management plans for artists. She also develops strategic plans and manages festivals, workshops and large-scale productions. In the past 6 years, ArtSpire has managed to help multiple artists, art collectives and art organisations in doing the same.

Life in the Arts

Discussion on the sector in the region - challenges, resources and next steps

The final session will be an Open House Discussion where we invite and encourage each one of you to openly discuss your challenges as artists in Canada, what specific regional pain points are and how one can collaborate to find ways to overcome them. We will also have artists who are full time practitioners as well as artists who have parallel careers speak about their lives in the arts. 


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