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Photo Courtesy: Manohar Performing Arts of Canada

South Asian Dance Alliance of Canada (SADAC) was formed with the purpose of building an artistic network for a rapidly growing community of teachers, students, dance artists, choreographers and dance companies. Given the scale and size of Canada, we found it necessary to create a database and link practitioners across this network through resources that would provide information about training, performing, job opportunities, fundraising and funding agencies.


We currently have a national database of about 300 South Asian individual artists, teachers, choreographers and dance companies engaged in the practice of South Asian dance from across Canada. We are affiliated with many national dance organizations who teach, produce and present the many forms of South Asian classical and folk-dance forms. 

How does SADAC serve its members?

A membership-driven organization, SADAC exists to serve its members in a diverse number of ways.  ​

  • Create and nurture a network of dance artists, presenters, organizations, teachers and students of various South Asian Dance forms

  • Maintain a calendar of activities happening across Canada and internationally

  • Provide information about Professional Development Opportunities, audition calls and solo job opportunities

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